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Dec 25, 2012 4:00pm PST
of the muslim brotherhood are saying and also what a number of egyptians who don't particularly sornte with one -- associate with one side or the more. what i think we are looking at is a very deeply split egypt and one that is about to launch into a parliamentary election campaign. now the opposition faces an uphill struggle. it has not been terribly unified. it has to manage to unify itself more over the problems that broke out with this referendum. the question is whether they can sustain that unity for the muslim brotherhood and for president morsi. they also have a challenge because although they won this referendum, the support, the turn out was low. the support they got at just under 64% was less than a referendum held last year where they got about 77%. and president morsi, the government may soon have to take some unpopular measures to try and prop up the economy here, which could hurt them at the ballot box. >> let's pick up on the reports of the economy. there have been reports of people taking savings out of banks. is there fear there could be capital flight out of egypt and possibl
Dec 27, 2012 4:00pm PST
of sometimes too hard to find. >> you need to take a bus to get there but i don't have any money to pay for my fair. i don't think i would be better off there. >> many homeless ukrainians will have to spend the new year holiday in these temporary shelters. according to weather forecasts, if a bit warmer in the ukraine in january. >> an ambitious mission to drill through 3 kilometers of antarctic ice has been cut short. they aimed to explore a lake that had been hidden for half a million years. the project to find hints of simple life existing in these extreme conditions. however, they failed and the team was forced to abandon the project. >> this is science at his toughest into this video from the british and arctic survey shows that backbreaking effort by 12 scientists and engineers trying to drill through the ice. with bare hands on steel, the mission depended on hot water being blasted down into the ice to open the routes to an ancient lake. from a tiny camp on the ice, it was to explore at the limits of our eyes was possible. the goal was to drill down of two miles to reach the waters belo
Dec 31, 2012 4:00pm PST
that the hard- fought gains could be lost. >> when we leave, maybe they will get a little more. hopefully we don't have to come back. >> british forces are handing over basis to the afghan police and army, lowering their profile and maybe the danger. 430 british troops have lost their lives so far, but there is a and insight. -- there is an end in sight. that leaves some wondering whether it's worth the sacrifice. >> british soldiers have not died in vain. 65,000 girls and boys are now going to school year. before, it was violent with no security. >> the ruins of this old ford is a sober reminder of the past zero years of foreign interventions. the british your out of here in 1882. with just under 4000 troops due to leave next year and all combat troops out by the end of 2014, this time they hope to leave behind a more lasting legacy. >> the united nations is ending its peacekeeping mission in east timor. officials are taking responsibility for maintaining law and order. the un played a vital role in independence. organizing a referendum that ended the 24 year occupation by indonesia. nine peopl
Dec 28, 2012 4:00pm PST
correspondent, ben. >> all of the participants at this meeting left without a word. i don't think we will hear from them the rest of the day. there is a great deal at stake and very little time left. it has been reported that president obama presented a plan to increase taxes on income over a quarter million dollars per year, as part of the deficit reduction plan to deal with american debt. he would probably say to the congressional leaders that need to figure out a way to get it through, but i think the expectations in washington of a deal are low with only three, four days left until the new year and the media tax hikes and spending cuts taking and -- kicking in. >> that means perhaps heading back into recession? >> yes, there is little doubt in washington about the seriousness of the sick jubilation. the problem is withdrawing government demand from the economy too big spending programs, cuts with a smothering effect on the tax hikes will have been very damaging effect on the was economy and by extension the world economy. people know it is serious, but the politics, we know that the house
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4